FENICE is the acronym for the Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di iniziativa per l’Europa, a professional association of teachers which takes Salvemini's ideas about school's secularism and the protection and promotion of public schools as its point of reference.

During 34 years of activity, (it has been founded on 12.07.1981 with another name) with the aim to contribute to the construction of a common European educational space, to highlight the educational and formative value of state schools, favouring and promoting initiatives which may help to meet the growing demand for education and training; to promote and plan initiatives, training projects, refresher courses, the cultural improvement of teachers as well as research and experimentation in the teaching field, it designed and carried out more than 30 seminars and public conferences, 135 in-service courses and training courses for teachers both initial and in-service, most of which had been authorised by our local educational Authorities.

It formed study groups for the subject areas linguistics, socio-historical, logical-mathematical and experimental sciences, including academics and medium in order to combine the world of research with that of the school. The groups implemented a range of activities covered by the three projects called Evaluation, Computer Science and Total quality in school, also in collaboration with the associations of disciplinary type.
From 2001 until now it has been involved, as coordinator or partner, in 21 European projects in the field of education and training within LLP & Socrates, Leonardo and Youth Programme. In many projects it played a leading role for monitoring and dissemination.


Giampiero de Cristofaro

Holds a degree in mathematics from Naples University “Federico II”. Attached to the Department of Geometry of the same University, in charge of practical exercises for the students, and afterwards of a research project on the use of the TIC in the Mathematics teaching. Permanent secondary school teacher of mathematics and physics, by appointment of the Ministry has been trainer in in-service courses to foster the introduction of TIC in schools, in charge, as expert, of tutorial guidance to teachers in secondary schools aimed at limiting the phenomenon of dropping out of schools, project manager and scientific point of reference of a training course of trainers in scientific and logic-mathematic area of upper secondary school

Founder and President of FENICE, designed and fulfilled more than 30 seminars and public conferences (one in Brussels), 135 in-service courses and training courses for teachers both initial and in-service, 12 projects funded by the European Union and was partner of other 9.

Journalist and editorial director of the periodical «Scuol@Europa» and a newsletter in three languages (IT, EN, FR) sent throughout Europe.
With the aim to increase the European dimension in education and favour the concrete building of the European Union through the knowledge on foreign languages designed seven projects on language learning. Three of these projects gave rise to www.languagesbysongs.eu a website where it is applied a methodology based on the use of songs, Internet and Karaoke, awarded in 2012 as Star Project.