The University for Foreigners of Siena is a public university specialized in the teaching of Italian as well as many other languages. It also specializes in scientific research on the diffusion of the Italian language and culture in the world and in contacts between Italian and other languages and cultures.

The university has received the European Label for Languages eight times, from 2004 to 2013. This is an award given by the European Union for language projects that have promoted the teaching and learning of languages through innovation and effective teaching practices, encouraging awareness of European linguistic heritage and motivating citizens to pursue multilingualism throughout their lives.

The Università per Stranieri di Siena as well as being a centre which specializes in teaching Italian to foreigners and carrying out related research, has also accrued significant experience in creating and implementing distance language education, coften in collaboration with several national and international partners. The FAST Centre conducts research and offers services for the realization, organization and management of Italian language courses with the support of new technologies as well as training and refresher courses for teachers of Italian as a second language.


Andrea Villarini

Teaches Modern Languages and manages the Centre of Research FAST - Formazione e Apprendimento anche con Supporto Tecnologico. He is the Head of the School of Specialisation in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language. He has coordinated research units for Italian and international projects on less common and less taught languages. Four of the projects of which he has managed the pedagogy side have won the European Language Label award from the European Commission for the best projects in the field of language diffusion. He regularly carries out training activities for L2 Italian teachers both in Italy and abroad and has published frequently in books and in national and international reviews.

Donatella Troncarelli

Is an Associate Professor in Italian Linguistics at the University for Foreigners of Siena. She teaches “Italian Grammar” and “New Technologies for Language Teaching”and she is also a member of PhD Course in “Linguistics and Italian Language Teaching Methodologies”.
She has worked in the field of language course design and planning for both distance and on site education, and some of the projects she coordinated has beeb awarded with the European Language Label.
Her main research areas are curriculum planning, grammar teaching, teaching second languages for specific purposes, teaching second languages with technology and second language teacher education.
Presently she is the President of the post graduation course ELIIAS (E-learning for language teaching) and Chair of the Bachelor degree course "Language and culture for teaching Italian as foreign language and for school".